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Maginnes 470 -- Full Details and Instructions

Facility Type(s):

These rooms are sponsored by individual departments, or colleges, usually for the purpose of providing that department or college's students with particular software or work environments unavailable at the standard LTS computing sites. It's important to note that any support for using these facilities comes primarily from their host department rather than from LTS teams.

Areas where LTS or other department staff are located who provide a service or support.


Movable Chairs - Qty: 10

Chairs that are _not_ fixed to the floor, and can be moved around the room.

Fixed Desks - Qty: 10

These desks are affixed to the floor and cannot be moved.

Student PC - Qty: 3

Windows PCs, configured for access by Lehigh users. Available software differs depending on the location and site sponsor (LTS or a department). Please see the instruction links below.

Please remember: Always log out of public computers before you leave!

Student Macintosh - Qty: 5

This is an Apple Macintosh computer configured for use by students, faculty, staff or registered event attendees.

Laser Printer, Black and White - Qty: 1

Standard black-and-white Laser Printer available to computers in the room.

Scanner, Flatbed - Qty: 3

A device attached to a computer, allowing images of documents to be captured and saved to electronic files.

Additional Contacts

In general, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 (x84357) for any assistance with the rooms or equipment -- they're literally waiting by the phone and can direct your request to appropriate and available staff if they can't help immediately. For more specific questions, or feedback, you can additionally contact the people or departments below:
Equipment: Classroom Technology Team , LTS ,
Facility: Facilities Department , Facilities , , 610-758-3940 or 610-758-3941
Supplies: Johanna Brams , Modern Languages and Literature , , 610-758-6134
Technical: Glenn Piper , LTS ,
Technical: Daniel Brashler , LTS , , 610-758-3992