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STEPS 102 -- Full Details and Instructions

Facility Type(s):

These rooms are equipped with LTS-supported screens and projectors (or other large displays) and connections for a laptop at the podium, but no instructor station PC is provided. 


Push Button Control System - Qty: 1

These push button touch panels allow users to turn equipment in the room on or off, control volume and select which video inputs are shown on room's display.

Projector, Wide Screen - Qty: 1

This is a wide-screen format digital video projector (aspect ratio roughly 16:10, versus the classic 4:3)

Electric Screen - Qty: 1

An electric roll-down screen. Controls are located on the wall near the instructor station. They may also be found on the AMX touch panel. The screen will automatically lower when the system is turned on and a source is selected.

VGA Video Connection - Qty: 1

This is a VGA-type video display connection, for connecting a laptop to a room display system. The cable is available either in a cubby on the side of the podium, or near the monitor on an instructor station pc.

Movable Chairs - Qty: 44

Chairs that are _not_ fixed to the floor, and can be moved around the room.

Crestron DMRMC4K100C - Qty: 1

4K Digital Media 8G+ Receiver and Controller 100.

Crestron DMTX 200 C2GWT Wall Plate - Qty: 1

Crestron Wall Plate DM 8G+ Transmitter 200

Crestron MPCM10W Media Presentation Controller - Qty: 1
The MPC-M10 provides a fully-programmable user
interface featuring an attractive and intuitive layout of pushbuttons
with customizable backlit labeling, volume control, and wireless
remote capability.
Crestron MPCM5W Media Presentation Controller - Qty: 1

Media Presentation Controller

Extron 60109001 MLA VC10 Plus - Qty: 1

The Extron MLA VC10 Plus Volume Control Module converts RS-232 commands from a control system into voltage or impedance changes to control audio amplifiers with volume and mute control ports. The MLA VC10 Plus is used to mute or make level changes on an MPA Series or half rack XTRA™ Series amplifier

Extron 6084921 XPA 1002 Plus Amplifier - Qty: 1

Two Channel Low and High Impedance Amplifiers

HDMI Video Connection - Qty: 1

This is a 'High-Definition Multimedia Interface' connection to the room's video display.

Additional Contacts

In general, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 (x84357) for any assistance with the rooms or equipment -- they're literally waiting by the phone and can direct your request to appropriate and available staff if they can't help immediately. For more specific questions, or feedback, you can additionally contact the people or departments below:
Equipment: Classroom Technology Team , LTS ,
Facility: Facilities Department , Facilities , , 610-758-3940 or 610-758-3941
General: George Yasko , EES ,