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EWFM 520 -- Full Details and Instructions

Facility Type(s):

A dual-camera classroom to which remote students can connect in real time


Core technologies installed in the learning space include:

  • Lectern-facing camera
  • Audience-facing camera
  • Fixed microphone attached to lectern
  • Wireless microphone receiver
  • Ceiling microphones for capturing audience audio
  • Document camera
  • Annotatable monitor


Instructions on using the technology in this type of room


Instructor Station PC - Qty: 1

This is a Windows PC usually built into the podium in a High Technology Classroom. Generally, these systems are left powered on, but in a power-saving 'sleep mode'. To wake it, move the mouse, or press the power buttons on both the CPU and monitor. For more information, read the step-by-step instructions below.
-- Also note that all instructor station PCs contain an optical drive capable of reading and writing CDs and DVDs.
-- Also, Please Log Off of the PC when you are done using it.

Push Button Control System - Qty: 2

These push button touch panels allow users to turn equipment in the room on or off, control volume and select which video inputs are shown on room's display.

Large-format LCD Display - Qty: 2

This is a large high-resolution flat-screen video display, available for use by the room's video sources, usually controlled from a Touch Panel or Pushbutton Video Selector.

Mersive Solstice Screen Sharing System - Qty: 2

This is a device that allows users with mobile devices (tablets, laptops, phones) to project the contents of their screen wirelessly to the room's main display.  A free app is available and must be installed on the mobile device to allow connecting to the room's display.

Audience-facing Fixed Camera - Qty: 1

This video camera is mounted in a fixed position and is focused on an adjustable shot of the audience portion of a learning space.

Lectern-facing Fixed Camera - Qty: 1

This video camera is mounted in a fixed position and is focused on an adjustable shot of the lectern/front of a learning space.

SMART Podium Annotatable Monitor - Qty: 1

The SMART Podium functions as both the instructor station PC's monitor and as a writing surface for annotating over digital content (eg, a PowerPointSlide or a webpage). It also has a virtual whiteboard feature.

Ceiling Microphone - Qty: 4

Microphone(s) mounted in the room's ceiling for picking up audience voices for web-conferencing and other audio applications...

Document Camera - Qty: 1

A document camera displays a picture of items placed on its work surface to the room's video display.

Movable Chairs - Qty: 34

Chairs that are _not_ fixed to the floor, and can be moved around the room.

Movable Desks - Qty: 16

Movable desks can be found in some rooms, and enable easy re-arranging of the room to suit particular activities.

Additional Contacts

In general, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 (x84357) for any assistance with the rooms or equipment -- they're literally waiting by the phone and can direct your request to appropriate and available staff if they can't help immediately. For more specific questions, or feedback, you can additionally contact the people or departments below:
Reservation: Sara Solares ,

Step-by-Step Instructions

Quick Notes on PCs in LTS Classrooms and Public Sites

Most of the provided PCs in classrooms and computer labs at Lehigh run Windows, and are connected to the campus LAN. They have a number of other features in common, and more information can be found in the HelpDesk's Public Site and Classroom Computer FAQ, but here are a few quick pointers:

  • You'll need to press Ctrl-Alt-Del (the Control, Alt, and Delete keys) to open the login screen.
  • After that, you'll need a Lehigh User Account to log in.
  • If someone else is logged in, and the system is 'Locked', (but you know no one is currently using it) you can force the system to reset by holding down the power button for 10 seconds. This will cause the previous user to lose any work they didn't save, so be considerate.
  • Please remember to Log Off of the system before you leave. To do this, click on the 'Start' button, and select 'Log Off' by hovering your cursor over the carat to the right of the 'Shut Down' button.
  • If you need to install additional software, you can find downloads and instructions on the Lehigh University Software pages.

For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or