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Room Features

This list shows all of the features (including types of equipment) available in the rooms listed on this site. Click on an Feature to see a description of that type of equipment, any available instructions on how to use it, and a list of all of the rooms in which it is available.
Type Description
3D Printer

3D Printer

Annotation System

The annotator provides a variety of tools that allow the user to project mark-ups onto any selected input source. (the John Madden pen)

Audio Connection

A standard 3.5 mm Stereo audio jack to allow connection to the room's audio system.

Blu-ray Player

This is a stand-alone Blu-ray disk player. It is capable of reading Blu-ray disks or DVDs.

Boom Microphone
Cable Cubby

Cables for connecting user-supplied laptops can be found in a small black box located on or next to the instructor's podium.

Cable TV Feed

A cable television feed is available to send to the display. Controls will be on the touch screen when the device is selected.

Carpeted Floor

Carpet on floors serves to dampen sound and footsteps and quiet a space for working.

Concrete Floor

This is a characteristic of a workshop space -- usually with significant traffic or affording the use of unfinished or bulk materials or chemicals.

Conference Table

Single large table to be shared by users of the room.

Display Switching Control

Many classrooms include systems built into the room to control which video and / or audio inputs are being displayed on each of the available displ

DisplayPort Video Connection

This is a 'MiniDisplayPort' video connector wired to the room's projection system. Many Macintosh laptops use this type of connection.

Document Camera

A document camera displays a picture of items placed on its work surface to the room's video display.

Document Camera, Elmo P30S

A document camera displays a picture of items placed on its work surface to the room's video display.

Document Camera, WolfVision VZ-3

A document camera displays a picture of items placed on its work surface to the room's video display.

Document Camera, WolfVision VZ-8

A document camera outputs a picture of items placed on its work surface to the room's video display.

Document Camera, Wolfvision VZ-9

A document camera outputs a picture of items placed on its work surface to the room's video display.

DVD Player

This is a standalone DVD Player, connected to a room's display system, and is selectable for display by either a push-button or touch panel.

Electric Screen

An electric roll-down screen. Controls are located on the wall near the instructor station. They may also be found on the AMX touch panel.

Fixed Chairs

Chairs that are somehow fixed in place, and not able to be moved around their room.

Fixed Chalkboard

This space has a fixed chalkboard

Fixed Desks

These desks are affixed to the floor and cannot be moved.

Fixed Video Camera

This video camera is mounted or fixed in one location.

Fixed Whiteboard

This space has a whiteboard that is affixed to a wall.

Graphics Card, AMD FirePro V4900

The AMD FirePro V4900 professional graphics card is powered by a new generation GPU, backed by 1GB of GDDR5 memory, 480 stream processors, and supp

HDMI Video Connection

This is a 'High-Definition Multimedia Interface' connection to the room's video display.

Instructor Station PC

This is a Windows PC usually built into the podium in a High Technology Classroom.

Instructor Station PC, CAD

This type of instructor station computer has an enhanced video card capable of displaying CAD graphics.

Interactive Screen

This is a large-format touch-sensitive display.

Interactive Table

This is a table with a built-in display, sensors, and touch tech­nol­ogy.

Keyboard, Wireless

A wireless keyboard can be borrowed from the circulation desk for use in this classroom.

Laptop LAN Cable

A LAN cable for connecting a laptop to Lehigh's Local-Area Network.

Laptop LAN Jack

An available LAN jack for laptop users.

Large-Format Printer

This is a wide-format printer, usually printing in color to roll-stock paper.

Large-Screen Display

This is a large high-resolution flat-screen video display, available for use by the room's video sources, usually controlled from a

Laser Printer, Black and White

Standard black-and-white Laser Printer available to computers in the room.

Laser Printer, Color

This type of printer produces high-quality heat-fixed color printouts.

Lighting Controls

This classroom is equipped with an electronic lighting control system.

Mersive Solstice Screen Sharing System

This is a device that allows users with mobile devices (tablets, laptops, phones) to project the contents of their screen wirelessly to the room's

Microphone, Fixed

A microphone is located on the podium. Some rooms also have a small light with a dimmer.

Microphone, Wireless

Wireless microphones are available from Instructional Media Services (x83059) for use in most of our auditoriums and some larger classrooms.

Movable Chairs

Chairs that are _not_ fixed to the floor, and can be moved around the room.

Movable Desks

Movable desks can be found in some rooms, and enable easy re-arranging of the room to suit particular activities.

Movable Room Divider

This classroom can be used as one room or joined with the adjacent classroom into one large room by opening the partition.

Movable Whiteboard

This is a whiteboard on wheels, that can be moved within a space.

PC Mouse

Interlink wireless mice are available for all technology classrooms that have a PC in the instructor station.


This is simply a piece of furniture for holding up notes or a laptop at the front of a room. 

Projector, Computer/Video

This is a ceiling or wall-mounted digital video projector, controlled by a touch panel located on or near the instructors station or podium.

Projector, Wide Screen

This is a wide-screen format digital video projector (aspect ratio roughly 16:10, versus the classic 4:3)

Projectors, Dual

This dual-display system allows the user to present material from two different a/v sour

Push Button Control System

These push button touch panels allow users to turn equipment in the room on or off, control volume and select which video inputs are shown on room'

Retractable Screen

This is a manual, pull-down roll screen for the projector.

Scanner, Flatbed

A device attached to a computer, allowing images of documents to be captured and saved to electronic files.

Scanner, Microfilm

This is a specialized type of scanner for scanning microfilm.

Scanner, Scannx Book ScanCenter

The Scannx Book ScanCenter is a turnkey "copier replacement" system that allows large (up to 11"x17") flat items to be scanned in color, greyscale,

Smart Board

To use the SMART Podium all you need to do is pick up the pen from the front of the SMART monitor and press one of the buttons with colored circles

Sound System

The audio feeds from computers or other inputs at the Instructor's station are connected to an amplification system.

Student Laptop, Cart-based

Laptops are often purchased by departments and pre-loaded with specific software for use by classes.

Student Laptop, Fixed

Some departments have augmented classrooms with laptops, and affixed them to the desks.

Student Macintosh

This is an Apple Macintosh computer configured for use by students, faculty, staff or registered event attendees.

Student PC

Windows PCs, configured for access by Lehigh users. Available software differs depending on the location and site sponsor (LTS or a department).

Student PC, CAD

This type of computer is equipped with a graphics card which allows CAD software to run more efficiently.

Student Tablet, Cart-Based

This a a cart containing mobile tablets. such as iPads or Nexus'.

Studio Lighting

Includes three lights -key, fill, and back lights.

Tile Floor

Tile floors are typical of food preparation or high-traffic spaces.

Touch Panel Control System

Start here: This is a touch-activated control panel that activates (powers up) and selects the display, audio and computer equipme


This is a stand-alone Video Cassette Recorder, connected to the room's display systems.

VGA Video Connection

This is a VGA-type video display connection, for connecting a laptop to a room display system.

VR Headset

The Vive is designed t