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Kinds of Spaces

In the context of this site, 'Facilities' are types of rooms. Any room can be assigned any number of types depending on how it's used.
Type Description

These are large spaces for more than 100 students.

BIS Classroom
Breakout Room
Case Study Classroom
Case Study Room
CITL Space

The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning provides a number of areas as testbeds for the latest in instructional technology and methodology.  

Cluster Classroom
Cluster Room
Conference Room

Both LTS and individual departments provide conference rooms which may be reserved as study rooms or for meetings.

Creative Network Space

Spaces provided by and administered by the 'Creative Spaces Network'

Departmental Computing Site

These rooms are sponsored by individual departments, or colleges, usually for the purpose of providing that department or college's students with particular software or work environments unavailable at the standard LTS computing sites. It's important to note that any support for using these facilities comes primarily from their host department rather than from LTS teams.

Distance Education Studio Classroom

Used by Distance Ed . . . 

Financial Services Lab
Graduate Room

This is a large, rough, warehouse / factory style space with concrete floors and very high ceilings.

HyFlex1 Classroom

A single-camera classroom to which remote students can connect in real time

HyFlex2 Classroom

A dual-camera classroom to which remote students can connect in real time


HyFlex2A Lecture Hall

A large lecture hall with the ability to record an instructor's video, audio, and annotations

In the Round Classroom
Incubator Room

Information kiosks provide walk-up access to information and limited applications such as email, library resources, etc.

Lobby Style

These sites are essentially LTS Computing sites that have additional software and hardware to support computer-aided design (CAD) work.  The additional software titles include AutoDesk's AutoCAD and a number of supporting applications, as well as Solidworks, SAS, ANSYS, Abaqus, ESRI's ArcGIS Desktop, and QGIS.

LTS Computing Site

These sites provide computers for use by any Lehigh student, faculty, or staff member, and are sponsored and maintained by LTS. Printers are provided for students, and use is managed by PaperCut.

LTS Laptop Room

These rooms are equipped with LTS-supported screens and projectors (or other large displays) and connections for a laptop at the podium, but no instructor station PC is provided. 

LTS Public Site Printer Location (no PC's)
Mac Classroom

These classrooms are equipped with Apple Macintosh computers in order to provide unique software available on the Macintosh operating system.

Meditation, Prayer, and Reflection Space

LTS has set aside one area on one of EWFM's 'quiet' floors as a space for prayer and meditation.  Cubbies, chairs, and rugs are available, and signage guides the use of the space.

PC Classroom

PC Classrooms have an instructor station PC, and also provide student PCs running Windows for use by Lehigh faculty, staff, and students.

Phone Booth

To have private conversation in a quite place.

Pitch Room
Service Desk

Areas where LTS or other department staff are located who provide a service or support.

Standard Classroom

These are registrar-scheduled classrooms which are equipped with an instructor station PC and a projector with a large screen or a large-screen display visible from all points in the room.


Media production space.

TV / VCR Room

This type of room provides a number of stations equipped with TVs, VCRs and headphones for viewing VHS tapes.


This is an area with specialized tools for working on models, designs, and displays of many types.